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Picture of Rebecca Shiner only.
1:38am Mon Jun 30, 2008 
 Bex gets 'em out!! Again!!

Bex got naked again tonight. Just for fun. And what better reason to get naked as pure fun!! She wasn't completely naked. She did keep her thong on.

She told the Toddler (Jennifer) that she was bored of the house and decided to do a prank on the rest of the housemates. She concocted a plan to emerge from the Diary Room naked and tell the group that Big Brother had told her to strip.


After a while Bex dressed only in a thing and a smile burst from the Dairy Room hallway wearing only a thiong and a smile.

Dale, Darnell, Rachel, Kat, Stu, Mohamed and Rex sat and stared. Darnell sat opened mouthed probably wishing jennifer could loosen up a bit. But Jennifer in a campaign to Clean Up National TV rushed to get a towel so taht Bex wouldn't hurt anyone with dangerous bare booby woobies

Bex bullshitted: "They said I had to remove all my clothes as the T-shirt I was wearing was sending a message to the outside world. Can you effin' believe it?"

Rachel asked: "Why would they think you're sending a message? I'm surprised they did that." Dale's mouth remained open and we're sure we saw a fly buzz in and out of it.

Big Brother then bellowed from the sound system: "Could Rebecca please collect her clothes from the hallway!"

For a Laugh

Dale asked: "Did you just get naked for a laugh?" She replied: "Yeah, I thought it would be funny!" This only enhanced Dale's emerging realisation that physical beauty is only skin deep. And it's not even that when the toys are being thrown.

Some of them couldn't admit they'd been fooled and Darnell claimed: "I knew it wasn't true when she said that Big Brother had asked her to do it on a whim."

Bex moves up a notch on the Coolometer. Tidy.


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