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Madonna’s tearful calls to ex Guy

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Madonna’s tearful calls to ex Guy

"Do you know who I am!"
The thick layer of ice between GUY RITCHIE and MADONNA is starting to thaw. Film director Guy has been consoling his ex over her failed adoption bid in a series of tearful phone calls, I can reveal.

The Queen of Pop divorced Guy in January, blaming his “unreasonable behaviour”.

But relations have warmed after Guy stepped in to comfort Madge — known to pals as Em — when she broke down during a call to their son ROCCO earlier this week.

An insider said: “Civil conversations between them have been few and far between in the past year.

“But over the last week things have improved. Guy had Rocco over for a visit when Em called to see if he was OK, as she always does when she is away from the kids.

“Rocco was speaking to her and suddenly turned to Guy and said, ‘Daddy, Daddy. Mummy is crying’. He then handed Guy the phone.”

Madge was devastated after being told three-year-old Malawi girl Mercy James can’t join her brood — LOURDES, 12, Rocco, eight, and three-year-old DAVID BANDA, who she adopted from Malawi in 2006.

The insider continued: “It’s unusual for Em to turn on the waterworks but this has really upset her. Explaining to Rocco why Mercy wasn’t coming home has been difficult.

“Guy was incredibly sympathetic, calmed her down and told her to be happy with the family she had.”

The call led to more chats between them about appealing the decision.

Guy stunned everyone by issuing a statement supporting Madge after a Malawian judge refused the adoption, even though other authorities gave it the green light, because she hadn’t lived in the country for 18 months.

"Lend us a quid till Friday mate!"
He said: “I fully supported Madonna in her decision to apply for this adoption, and I am saddened her application has been rejected.

“She is motivated only by being a caring parent who seeks to share some of the advantages and opportunities that her life has given her.”

Madge being civil is a shock.

Almost as shocking as her dressing her age for a night out with pal STELLA McCARTNEY in London’s trendy Notting Hill on Tuesday.

For about half a second, I almost had some sympathy for her.

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just shows that oodles of money can't buy everything--not a child nor a happy (ex)husband.

the story almost made me feel sorry for her. emphasis on the almost.

GR is right --she should be thankful for what she's got and not throw her rattle out of the pram when she doesn't get her own way.

there are loads of needy kids in the usa--can't she adopt one of them?
are multicultural children en vogue ( sorry!)?

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