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Suzi Perry, some sad news

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I've just googled Suzi Perry to find out why she's not been on the Gadget show for a while, and found this statement:

A few weeks ago Suzi was rushed into hospital for lifesaving surgery. She had suffered a ruptured ectopic pregnancy and was bleeding internally. At hospital she collapsed as she had lost 4 pints of blood and was very poorly. Sadly she lost the baby and the traumatic experience saw her spend 5 days in hospital and several weeks in recovery. She is still not strong enough to return to work and her hectic filming schedule, but hopes to be back as soon as she is well.

That's so sad, she seems such a sweet girl and an ectopic pregancy must be awful - not only the illness, but having to come to terms with losing the baby. I hope she recovers soon.

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Click on image for full size:

Aww!! I've always had a :doggies: :doggies: for Suzi Perry

Get better soon Suzi :squeeze:

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