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Now Des O'Connor does a Parky!

Actress, Singer, Dancer. Model, Fashion designer, Perfume Seller, Author, Socialite and Cellulite!

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"Just ask the public and I think we already know what they will say," he told DS. "They miss the kind of big stars and quality light entertainment productions that the whole family could sit down and watch together."

What tropical island was he golfing on when the UK went Jade Goody mad then?

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My friend works for Des and says he is a great guy. Always very kind and generous and thoughtful.

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Has the toothless old pensioner got some hideous new album to flog or something.?

I cannot stand him, never could.Even when young he was like a doddering old fool.

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So, there's some confirmation he spoke to Digitalspy's crack journalist then ?

Sounds more like a 'Heat' type 'scoop' on the internal party-line as per usual. Next week Rod Hulls emu takes a cheap shot at Frank Bough for not sharing his coke.

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