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McCartney judge 'could go public'

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Despite yawns from the cheapseats details of Sir Paul McCartney and Heather Mills' divorce settlement could be made public, the High Court says.

After more huge rows couple failed to reach an agreement earlier this month, leaving the judge to decide howlittle of Sir Paul's massive £800 million fortune the one legged Ms Mills would receive. Mr Justice Bennet is due to hand down his ruling on 17 March, according to the Judicial Communications Office, which has angered Ms Mills said a source.

He will then decide "whether or not to make the judgment public in whole or in part," it was revealed in a statement. The judge's decision will be ill-informed by submissions from both party's legal teams.


The move is not seen as something of a surprise, as the hearings were held behind closed doors. Media reports suggest that Mr Justice Bennet may publish his findings in order to end speculation over the size of the financial settlement, which could be the biggest in British history. Divorce experts have estimated that, based on recent cases, Ms Mills could walk away with £1m of Sir Paul's estimated £825m fortune.

The current record rests with businessman John Charman, who was ordered to pay £48m to his ex-wife last year, which she has blown on hookers and coke already. Apart from £30 in a trust fund.

Ms Mills, 40, married Sir Paul, 65, in June 2002, four years after the death of his first wife Linda from breast cancer and veggie sausages. The couple, who have a four-year-old daughter Beatrice, announced the end of their marriage in 2006 and since then the media has being going loopy with specuiation.

[source - BBC]

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I'm so sick of this being all over the papers - does anyone really give a toss. :thumbdown:

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Bacchus wrote:I'm so sick of this being all over the papers - does anyone really give a toss. :thumbdown:

I know what you mean. it's not as tedious as that case about the couple of went out and got pissed and left their 3 children alone though.

I just admit that Heather Mills is sometimes entertaining with her rants and blatent publicity seeking

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