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Shock Horror Judy Finnigan 61

Actress, Singer, Dancer. Model, Fashion designer, Perfume Seller, Author, Socialite and Cellulite!

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I used to watch the Punch & Judy show on the morning telly (back in the day when I had a TV). She looks like she's been hitting the booze a bit too hard... I guess you can't say no when you get it for free though!

Husband & wife shoplifting team:
In 1994, Madeley was charged with shoplifting champagne from Tesco. Madeley said in an interview with The Guardian: "I was just not concentrating. I put the food through the till, I forgot to take the champagne out.

I was going to say it's a case of 'don't give up your day job', be he wasn't much better at that.

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