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Michael Parkinson: SHUT THE FUCK UP!

PostPosted: Tue Oct 26, 2010 6:09 pm
by annie27
annie27 wrote:
Scott Nelson wrote:What gets me is the arrogance of Jurassic Parky. He really does think his shit doesn't stink. He assumes he is some kind of role model and all celebrities should be just like him.

He needs to get a life (because he's never had one) and stop being so snobbish and high and mighty with those around him he looks down his nose at.

If most other celebrities were like Jurassic Parky then TV would have to be broadcast in black and white.

I will forgive because you are a lot lot younger than I :D but once upon a time people actually went on talk shows to just talk and not promote their latest book or movie .....and Parkie was brilliant ...the real highlight of the week ...he interviewed the biggest and the best in Hollywood ...and asked questions in such a style you never felt he was prying ...and was sincere in his knowledge,interest and admiration of their body of work ,and not about the lastest gossip headline in the Sun or Mirror....
No wonder he is utterly dismayed as to what passes for talk shows now ...all they are doing are pushing their latest goods for sale .

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