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Heather Mills divorce water throwing game

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A computer game based on the Paul McCartney and Heather Mills divorce has been released online.

Titled Splash and Grab, the game involves players taking on the role of Heather Mills and scoring points by throwing water at Sir Paul McCartney and his lawyer, Fiona Shackleton.

Points are deducted if gamers soak the judge by mistake. The more points scored, the more of McCartney's wealth the player wins. The game is based on an incident when Mills soaked Shackleton with water after the divorce hearing had ended
Mills was awarded £24.3 million of Paul McCartney's fortune at London's High Court hearing and exposed as a liar for her less than candid non existent claims of wealth and non existent donations to Charity
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LOL it's a shame we don't win the real money ! :D


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