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Tom Daley finally admits he's gay

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Resonance wrote:
crumbs wrote:I doubt very much that you were born gay. Had you been born in the wild you would not have had gay feelings.

As for this lady not being a Christian - Christianity itself does not condone homosexuality. Therefore, she is being a true Christian. There is no such thing as a gay Christian.

All religious people pick and choose which parts of their religion they follow. There is nobody that follows everything 100%. In fact Christianity is based on all of it's followers 'sinning', in other words breaking the rules.

Yup that's a central doctrine of Pisstianity. Everyone's born a sinner and must spend their living years redeeming themselves in order to secure an everlasting spot on the cloud terraces and a premium quality Fortum & Mason harp.

In reality it's the classic method of population control isn't it. Play on people's biggest fear, death, and manipulate them to behave in the manner you wish upon the promise of makign that death a good thing.

Cunts!!! Well fuck you anonymous Bible authors stoned on magic mushrooms in caves in greece!!! NO ONE Is born a sinner. People are born innocent and any religious cult that says otherwise is a cunt of the highest order.

Christianity isn't even an original cult anyway. it's based upon Mystery Babylon Pagan Sun worship that has evolved through Ancient Egypt, Judeo/ grecian/ roman ethos. it only became a mainstream cult becuase of the Constantine Elite's power in the 4th century. fuck all to do with Jesus.

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