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Heather Mills turns down sex shop leg deal.

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:lie: :lie: :lie: :lie:

Heather Mills turns down sex shop leg deal

Heather Mills, the economically truthful McCartney divorcee, has turned down an opportunity to become 'The Leg' of a chain of hardcore sex shops.

The serial untruth merchant was offered £100,000 to promote a new line in split crotch false legs for the Private Shop sex shop chain. Private shop has hundreds of shops all over the UK.

:lie: :lie: :lie: :lie:

"Heather has all the right legs, or is it all the left legs?" a spokesman for the chain explained. "As her spells as a glamour stump prove, she is clearly very open-minded and knows all about the sex industry. We even had plans for a book telling girls how to use their false legs to bag a rich husband and stir boiled rice."

Mills' PR guru Michele Elizabeth-Stumpy confirmed that the 40-year-old liar rejected the offer because it was not "the right direction" for her leg and it was Tuesday.

Heather was awarded £24.3 million of McCartney's wealth at London's High Court in March after lying about her circumcision on order to milk even more money out of him. But she was seriously discredited by the judge and has since become an object of disdain and ridicule. Vladimir Putin has said in a recent statement that Russia is aiming some of it's ballistic missiles at her. And the people of Peru don't like her much either.

:lie: :lie: :lie: :lie:

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On the forum board it looks like "Heather Mills turns down...Tittybangbang" that instantly got my attention. :D

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