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Russell Brand wins British Comedy Award

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Accepting his award from Adam Sandler in LA, Brand said: "I would like to dedicate this award to Jonathan Ross."

S'funny I had nightmares about being forced to watch Adam Sandler/Russell Brand movies a few weeks ago - like Alex in A Clockwork Orange.


I watched about 20 minutes of a C4 standup routine by Brand a few days ago, but I really couldn't understand why the audience were laughing - he was was just saying boring stuff with a few rude words thrown in.??? :confused:

Maybe he's just popular with people who like to think they have a sense of humour, like Monty Python was a while ago - at least they had about 2 minutes of real humour in every thirty minutes. :)

Ricky Gervais won something as well, which is also very odd.

Some people used to find Charlie Drake funny, years ago. :roll:

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We must have similar tastes, diablo.To me Russell B is a scruffy bugger with no real wit or humour, but like a schoolboy, thinks that saying "naughty words" is funny.(Yawn)

I don't like Ricky G and Charlie Drake was a non-event.

People who I DID find funny were the Blackadder team, KYTV, Les Dawson, The two Ronnies, especially that superb character, actor Ronnie Barker. I don't like "Mr Bean", tho' :thumbdown:

I saw Phil Cool in stand-up, and nearly wet myself laughing. :rofl: :rofl:

Victoria Wood is a comic genius: her stand-ups, scripts, songs, sketches are extremely funny.

David Renwick too writes some funny stuff - Jonathan Creek; one foot ITG etc.
These days it seems that the humour is a string of "norty" words which some feel they have to laff at, as it shows how grow'd up you are. (Yawn)

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saying rude words is the new alternative comedy

It used to be that saying " Margaret Thatcher. She's a bastard" was hilarious.

now its just like stating the obvious.

personally I do think Russell Brand is over rated. He always strikes me as being a bit of a Fast Show sketch himself, and his job is to be the character, Russell Brand, so hes always performing, whether on stage or not.

Im sure he takes brand Brand rather more seriously than he'd have us believe.

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