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Winehouse's £7.10 Splifs - Yeah Right

PostPosted: Sat Feb 07, 2009 9:16 am
by smeggypants
Winehouse's £7.10 Splifs - Yeah Right

According to the Murdoch organ of lies and bullshit Amy Winehouse is spending £7,10 on a splif. The sun claims she has a £500 a week habit of cannabis and smokes 10 splifs a day ......

Amy's having a spliffing holiday

Amy Winehouse smoking a splif
Paul Glaser from Starsky and Hutch
POP junkie AMY WINEHOUSE puffs on a cannabis joint on holiday — in her battle AGAINST drug addiction.

Pals say the Rehab singer, 25, smokes ten spliffs a day on Caribbean isle St Lucia to suppress cravings for class-A drugs.

And they are ENCOURAGING her £500-a-week habit — as it has been giving her the munchies and helping her back to a healthy weight.

A close friend said: “Amy hasn’t touched crack or cocaine for months. She has been really good.

“Drugs are easy to get in St Lucia but she has just stuck to smoking dope.

“The amazing thing is she smokes all morning then sees her personal trainer in the afternoon and is put through a gruelling workout.”

The star has also been keeping busy by giving singing lessons to kids at a school near to her villa.

But the headteacher was horrified when she turned up at class wearing a bra and skimpy vest.

A source said: “They scrabbled around and found a spare PE kit for her to wear. Because she’s so tiny, it fit.”