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Sticktoria Beckham's fashion collection 'a success'

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Sticktoria Beckham's fashion collection 'a success'

Sticktoria Beckham has unveiled her second design collection at New York Fashion Week to glowing reviews.

Beckham showcased 23 items from her new collection at the event on Sunday night.

After claiming that having too much cleavage on show is "vulgar", the snotty bitch included high necklines and long dinner dresses in her latest range.

"This time, we have made the corset as a separate item. I’ve talked to my customers and found they would rather have the option of wearing the dresses without," she told The Daily Telegraph.

PA fashion editor Lisa Haynes claimed that Beckham had taken on board criticism levelled at her design debut.

"Posh's mark II collection proves she can design dresses as well as pout in them. Mrs Beckham's obviously been busy with her designer pencil to move the collection on for its second season," she said with her tongue firmly up Beckham's arse.

"Victoria may not have had much success in her solo singing career but this collection is full of red carpet smash hits."

Meanwhile, Daily Telegraph fashion editor Hilary Alexander made us vomit by saying: "She has a personal relationship with each [item] which almost amounts to a love affair." Piss off!

The collection, which was predominantly made in London, ranges in price from £850 to £5,000. And is presumably aimed at the more wealthy idiot.

Who gives a fuck?

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I bet half of her dresses resemble windsocks.

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How can this possibly be healthy?



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