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Defiance - new Daniel Craig movie

PostPosted: Thu Jul 31, 2008 2:51 pm
by Whirliegig
from Gazeta Wyborcza...

(the movie is called Defiance, not Resistance, as reported in Gazeta)


A Hollywood Movie About Heroes or Murderers?,86871,5316759,A_Hollywood_Movie_About_Heroes_or_Murderers_.html

A Hollywood superproduction about a WWII-era Polish-Jewish partisan unit is about to hit movie theatres across the world. The National Remembrance Institute has found out that the unit, led by brothers Bielski, was also responsible for murders of Poles

Dressed in a worn leather jacket, Daniel Craig (of James Bond fame) leads women, children and suitcase-lugging old men through the forest. 'We'll try to rebuild here the life you've been deprived of', he tells the terrified fugitives. 'You'll become fighters', adds his brother.

This is one of the opening scenes of the $50 million movie Resistance, to open in theatres in the US and Europe this year. Craig plays a Polish Jewish partisan, Tuvia Bielski.

Bielski, an authentic figure, together with his brothers created in the heart of the Naliboki Forest (today's Belarus) a secret Jerusalem: a camp where some 1,200 people, chiefly Jews, but also Poles, lived through the war.

'Here is a movie that will cause a scandal greater than the Kielce pogrom, the Jedwabne massacre, and Polish concentration camps taken together and multiplied by one hundred. "


Defiance - trailer