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O-zone (pop euro band)

Altogether now.... in the key of Bb!!!

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They were awsum band with the song Dragesta di tai

hello, salute, kihero hai duke, Kedore disero kalitia (theres something about you).

Picture on the wall.

Kays a bras a numa numa yieay numa numa yaieay........

mia a heee
mia a hooo
mia a haha

well theres a little jist of the tune. Its on youtube for the proper song. My rememberence as i type this is a little obscure and the tempt to speek the international was poor. But i've done a little trancelation. But i hope you get the jist of the song.

Whats your faverate obscure international song you remember.

:jig: :jig: :jig: :jig: :jig: :white_thing: :jig:

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