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Brit Awards 2010

Altogether now.... in the key of Bb!!!

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yeah smeggy ,dey do dat dere don't dey doh :D

Trying is the first step towards failure...Homer Simpson
"Ahhhhhh bollox.... whats the point "... Me :D
I would like to thank the MOD for all of their support over the years ...thanks for fuck all :fingers:
do whaaaaaa ? :tizzles:

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annie27 wrote:Do you really care about who said what ??? its just trash ....mind numbing rubbish void empty crap of no substance or importance ...... :(

Actually, Annie, you were right the first time, which is why I didn't watch it. Of course we then have to put up with it on the so-called news programmes the next day. If only Britain could get out of this 'celebrity culture' and look at more important things that are going on, both in the UK and abroad, we'd be a much better nation.

We keep hearing about bankers' bonuses. I wonder how much Lady Gaga has contibuted to UK plc from her earnings. I know she's American, but she's still tax-liable in the UK - in theory anyway.

War is God's way of teaching Americans geography. Ambrose Bierce (1842-1913)
They used to say if an infinite number of chimps typed we would get the works of Shakespeare. The internet has proved that this is not the case...

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I watched some of it and it was utter dire shite! :mad1: Years ago I used to watch it then stopped thought I'd have a nose at it on Tuesday after a few years. :banghead:

I love anything that can be edgy or show people up especially stupid Zelebs! All gobs and no brains !

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