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It's CHRISTMASSSSS! - Best Christmas Songs!

Altogether now.... in the key of Bb!!!

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robinnia wrote:
phild05 wrote:Far from banal considering the time in which they were written. Sometimes music has to be appreciated in its historical context. Now go and get pissed :D

good music needs no specific point in history to be put into context.

good music will always stand the test of time.

i'm afraid to say that i find that particular ditty of mr.lennons extremely mawkish.

it's just not a very good song,is it?

i'm quite partial to a song that makes me blub but it is not a good song nor do i like the over sentimentality of it.
i have never rated mr.lennon as a( decent) song writer--nor maccartney either.
together they were passable but apart they were just rubbish.

and now i've left it too late to get pissed.


Well. we'll have to disagree on that one but "and now i've left it too late to get pissed." is a load of bollox, get on with it :D

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