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RIP Keith Flint

Altogether now.... in the key of Bb!!!

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RIP Keith Flint from the prodigy.

He was only 49. Took his own lief apparently

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Yes, very sad news.

Im not a big Prodigy fan but do like one or two tracks. Diesel power being my favourite.

My cousin did some security work for him back in the late 90's and said he was a really nice charming guy - nothing like the nutter he appeared.

R.I.P Keith.

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After my time but RIP. Rather successful on the race track as well, so why ? :shrug:

Suicide, wouldn't take a lief from that book.

Enjoy at full volume.

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Great frontman. No doubt.

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I used to spend my shool lessons on graphic design listening to Music For the Jilted Generation. All that lesson was good for :)

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