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Corporate occult centre in central London?

All things NWO, Ruling Elite, Illuminati, etc

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There is an area in London we have named 'the Adam's Family'; a number of global corporations and 'charities' are housed there.

A number of them are involved with children, ARK (Absolute Return for Kids) which sponsors schools in the UK and have a global reach, has its headquarters there along with some of those who sponsor ARK itself.

The Adam Street underground private club is where these institutions network, some curious events have been held there.

Evidence for those in the area and their connections is on the youtube video 'Ark and the Adam's Family; the youtube video 'Ark Schools, Academies and Eugenics' indicates how they are putting a eugenics programme in place in schools across the UK.


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Hi 'caz' :) good to cya!! :thimb:

Interesting stuff. Sorry for missing this post. I'll check out the vids laters!!

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