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[Merged] Freemasonry is institutional.

All things NWO, Ruling Elite, Illuminati, etc

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We should remember that freemasons take an oath to protect fellow masons ,which is ABOVE the laws of the land.

In light of this, it would explain why jimmy savile was exposed after death. This is in compliance with the oath. ( police & bbc in denial/ignorant, while savile was alive )

Also, if our monarchy heads the order( which they do ) then freemasonry is institutional.
A lavish monarchy is the intended 'attraction' of freemasonry. To be aspired to by upcoming people of status.

Fee's restrict working class membership. Hence, freemasonry is non-representative of society.

Thing is, they give this oath knowing when they pass away they may bring shame on the family. ( how sad is this? ).

We will see this , in time to come, the same for scientists, politicians, judges, policemen, monarchs. ONLY WHEN THE FLOODGATES OPEN WITH 'SECRET FILMING AT THE TOP'.

Anybody attempting to expose this in the past has been removed. Poor Lady Di. She was close to letting something out the BAG???
So security is a must.

No internal enquiry at the BBC, will sort this out with devil savile.

Why? Because freemasonry sits at the top of politics, police, media and the monarchy ,so nothing will change.

Lets get lie detectors in parliament first, then work to discover all
freemasons in high places. They will soon get the message.

Freemasonry is in contempt of our childrens future . Without addressing it, the underlying corruption will remain - FREEMASONS PROTECTING EACH OTHER IN CRIMES UPON HUMANITY.

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We should not concentrate on culture and creed. All races, i trust, have freemasonry membership.

Whats important is to root out 'bloodline' masons, these are monarchs and bankers.
We need an undercover filming to expose this shit or form an anti-corruption party.

All current UK political entities are infiltrated with freemasons, so this pretense of independent leaders is FALSE. Even UKIP and BNP. An attempt to fool us.

fMRI lie detector technology will root the masons out.

The government should be 80% middle/working class members. 20% upperclass members. THIS IS FAIR.

No more of this 'tapping canes on doors' bollocks. Throw all this in the history bin with these masons, who subject us to contempt.

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If our monarchy is known to head freemasonry ( around the world ) , then why do we never hear about them on TV?

Ok, so they are a secret order. And this is because of the OATH which they take.
If not secret, they would have to tell us about this oath which is the foundation of
their operations.

Freemasons must protect each other, even if they break the law.

Once we expose this ONE FACT. People will wake up.
Examples -
If we have a judge in the courtroom and a defendant who are both freemasons, then this oath will ensure freedom of the defendant.

If we have people at the top of the BBC who are freemasons , and a celebrety who , also a fremason, this celebrety may do as he pleases ( jimmy savile ).
He will be protected until he dies . This is the oath.

Now i have discovered, why freemasons at the top, condition members to become evil. They encourage this 'jimmy savile' behaviour. Yes, i know its disgusting.

It is because the monarchy of the UK and Europe, and all American rulers, are all related to Roman emperors who were muderous, very perverted and corrupted , so all those ancient traits are still here today. My topic ' the devil in the DNA of our rulers ' covers the evidence.

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Welcome To Smeggy's Fluxed :thumb:

Personally I'm well aware of the Rothschild-Masonic-Zionist power in society.

I'll merge this with the other Freemason threads in Politics

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