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Amazon Blacklists Adult Video Games

Shoot em up? Adventures? Here we go!!

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Amazon Blacklists Adult Video Games

See article from by Sean Ryan


Have you ever played a porn game? No, of course you haven’t. Neither have I. And if I ever did, it would have been purely for research purposes.

This week, in Robot Punch!, we’ll discuss a genre of video game that doesn’t often find much coverage in the media, despite its significant role in the industry: The H-game. Also known as eroge (short for “erotic games”), the genre recently caught some heat and now we’re feeling a little more guilty about ourselves.

...Read full article

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Jeez, I just read the whole article... I don't honestly know what to day!... This can't be right, can it? Can it??

I don't know if that game they were referring to encourages or prevents someone from commiting an actual rape, nore whether of those possibilities are even a factor!!? :confused:

But it doesn't sound right :(

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