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[big brother] China to register all online games players

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[big brother] China to register all online games players

Based on article from

You are being monitored!!
According to a report in People's Daily Online, China's notoriously Internet-repressive government will begin requiring online gamers to register using their real names.

A government official, Zhang Yijun, director of the General Administration of Press and Publication's Technology and Digital Publication Department. also indicated that the operations of four online game companies have been suspended after Chinese government inspectors discovered that their software did not contain the required anti-addiction system.

The real name registration system does not mean that gamers cannot use screen-names, but rather that their online gaming accounts must be linked to their real world identification number, which is issued by the government.

A Chinese gamer went on to explain that linking a gamer's online account to their ID number means the government can keep track of how long underage gamers are playing. Minors are limited to playing for three hours per day...


You can't wait can you? "You have been determined to have used up your allocated number of hours of his pastime. You cannot return to it for 48 hours!"

Can't wait for the microchip. "you have been fined 2 credits for exceeding you daily allowance of alcohol intake"

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