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Google - Similar Images

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Google - Similar Images

Interesting looking Google feature

Does Prezza look like Renee Zellweger?
Any resemblance is very subtle
although they are both ugly!
Google has launched a new image function, which means people can look for pictures that the search engine thinks are similar. How accurate is it? The Magazine puts it to the test.

Pictures of famous people who look alike generate thousands of viral e-mails and much merriment is had between friends at the expense of Footballer X and Minister Y's wife.

Now Google is developing a modification to its image search that matches pictures of anything - person, item, scene - to others that are visually similar.

"It can be hard to find images you're looking for because it's hard to describe with words," says a Google spokesman.

"This uses a mixture of everything. Words are in there, plus the technology that analyses part of an image and compares that to other parts of images. There are many variables that go into it, like colour and shape.

"People are used to searching what they are looking for with text but this is essentially saying you can't describe it but you know when you see it."
Article Continues here ...

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