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Weekend Pussy Hunt

Got any cool links? Or even links to avoid? Let us know.

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No, it's not what YOU think :spank:
(although it is quite adult!)

It's a John Kricfalusi (creator of Ren and Stimpy) film-noir flash animation series about a cat that humiliates a dog and then has a contract put on his life.
It was on the web in about 2000, but it mysteriously and suddenly disappeared before the story was finished. :(

Each show had interactive bits where you could win prizes - the prizes being little animated characters called Spumco "Walk'ems"

Anyway, I've unearthed a website with the first episode on it.

Back in 2000, before broadband, the show took a while to load, so there was a picture puzzle to complete while you waited. That's missing on this version.

Let's hope the remaining episodes get posted sometime in the future.

This has been a ThinBoy quality post

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How Hot Are You?: A Nice English Summer's Day

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You're right. Not what I was expecting. Thought it was going to be more cute kitties with wacky captions (Its not. Phew!)

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