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TBS Department of Humour Analysis

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The study of humour is a serious business, or so they believe at TBS, where they have set up a very serious department of humour analysis.

TBS is a TV network that brought us the likes of Seinfeld, My Name is Earl and Family Guy and now they have put together an amusing, off the wall little site to promote their work.

As well as having some great content, this is a really nicely designed website.

It comprises of a humour lab full of ridiculous short films and a ludicrous video about this fictitious department, all presented and narrated by the eminently amusing John Cleese.

Once you have watched your fill, and played about with the very funky interface a bit, pop along to the survey section and add your thoughts to the mix.

It is not as boring as it sounds. These are quirky little interactive questions that will be used for absolutely nothing. All in a hard days work at the humour labs, it seems. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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