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spot the speed cam game

Got any cool links? Or even links to avoid? Let us know.

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I got 12 out of 19. About 4 years ago I got caught doing 83 along a really straight country A road. there was no other traffic about and the sneaky van was hidden just behind the brow of a hill.

:asshole:'s that's what they are!!!

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I managed 13 out of 19, somehow. I was driving on the outskirts of Barnsley once about three years ago, going over the limit a bit but not by a huge distance and vehicles coming in the opposite direction kept flashing me, so I knew to slow down to the limit. Just as I went round the corner, a copper just sort of appeared from nowhere pointing a speed gun at me. :x There was a Police Volvo parked up in an alleyway near to where he was. I couldn't believe the way he emerged like that. :x

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OH got 3 points for going 72 in a 60 zone. Thing was, I was the insurer so when it came through I had to say who had been driving. Now, myself and OH had gone on this particular journey a few times that week so it could have been anyone of us driving that day, right? :) I wrote back explaining the situation and they sent me the photograph that had been taken. There was no way on earth you could tell who was driving (rear view) from the photo and we considered going to court for a while. OH was willing but I chickened out. OH was devasted and took the points, after we tossed a coin of course. :D

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Played the game 14/19

From what I have been told - it costs the taxpayer an average of £1 million every time a person is killed on the roads (I was told that - shown evidence of it 8 years ago.) From that 75% are due to excessive speed. The figures dont take into account Family grief.

I get the impression from this discussion that folk generally think speed cameras are too sneaky. I reckon they should be sneakier still so the speeder has no idea where they might be. I totaly disagree with making speed cameras stand-out and obvious. What is so important that you risk your own and more importantly other peoples life to get there quicker?

Do a quick calculation for yourself - if you go 100% over the limit - you get there in half the time. That equates to driving at 60 in a 30 zone - 80 in a 40 zone - 120 in a 60 zone - 140 on a motorway. Wow - wild speeds - so lets just go 50% faster - you get there in 3/4 the time - but it equates to 45/30; 60/40; 90/60 and 105/70.
Still too much - so take it 25% over speed limit - thats approx 40/30, 50/40, 75/60 and 88/70.

On a good day if you were travelling on the motorway for 400 miles - if you zoomed at 25% over limit you would get there in roughly 5 1/4 hours - if you stuck to the limit you would take about 6. If you are in an urban area - speeding at best saves you a whole 5 (or 10) minutes. Is that worth the risk of a a fine and points, and more importantly, is that worth doubling or tripling the chances of having a fatal accident.

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Got 15/19 :) .

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