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GPS Logging Fun!

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I've been experimenting with GPSLogging. I downloaded a GPS Logging app for Miss Smeggy's Blackberry and syncronised the time with my camera. I then went out and drove about with the phone onthe dashboard near the window to keep a decent signal and snapped photos at various locations on the route.

The phone saved a *.gpx file ( It also does *.kml files for Google Earth ), which I loaded into adobe Lightroom and simply used the path log to tag each photo with the GPX Location.

It was difficult to sync the phone and camera time as the fucking blackberry doesn't display the time in seconds ( :roll: ). You can travel quite far on the road in 1 second.

Quite pleasd with the results. I set the GPSlogger to it's finest setting of logging position every 1 second, and apart from a few anomalies where it claimed I was driving in the hedgerow, most of the route and pics were quite accurate. Within 1metre I'd say.

I'd been geotagging my pics manually before, which is pretty tedious, even though you just drag them onto a google earth map in Lightroom.

Gotta get myself that Nokia 808 phone now :0

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