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Does anybody reconstruct their own clothes?

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Its me again!
Have anybody seen the websites where people buy stuff from charity shops and cut em up and make something else with them.
Must admit, i wonder why but the things they make are really good and wish i could do it, even though i do sew. :chin:

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I used to sew (I am so going to regret letting people knowing that) but I never thought about reconstruction of my own clothes. NOt a bad idea though, and probably a pretty good hobby for people who like to do things with their hands. :)


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In ye olde days people often had the necessary skills to buy cloth and make their own clothes, or to alter old clothes into something different.

It would be really cool to wear bespoke clothes, if you or a family member had the skills to do it yourself. Nowadays getting it done professionally costs an arm and leg.

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