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New Style MOT Test Certificates.

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For those it may interest, this is how MOT Certificates are going to be from May. I must admit, they do look a bit better laid out than the last style certificates as the old ones were a bit boxy. I wonder how much the Government pumped into redesigning them? To be fair, its all online now anyways so why not just give the driver a sticker for the car telling them when its due for a retest. Gone are the days when you get a 7 day producer and have to present a pile of paperwork! What do you all think?



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We didn't get a certificate for the last one. The test centre I take it to ran out of ink in the printer. But as you say there's no need these days as it's all online and cops have already checked your tax, insurance and MOT before they pull you over anyway :) So have the number recognition cameras.

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Dont give a monkeys what it looks like as long as it says "Pass" on it. :D

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