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Budget clothing

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i got a nice stripey hoodie vest and white t-shirt @ Asda for £12 yesterday. :):

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I got two packs of Marks and Spencers boy shorts knickers half price in the sale!

£3 for a pack of 5. dead pleased

haha! and you know what Im even more pleased about...I bought my size, and they're too big! :D hows that for making a girl feel good?! :elephant:

(yeah, yeah, M&S is famous for its vanity sizing....)

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I buy almost all my clothes in charity shops. My favourite ever bargain is a pair of Tommy Hilfiger jeans which I got for 50p. They're falling apart (I presume why they were given away) but I keep fixing them with girlie patches. Soon, they'll be all patch and no jeans.

When I need a wardrobe change, I cover myself in glue and jump through the nearest Oxfam window.


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