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Oprah Incorporated!!

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Oprah Incorporated!!

It seems that many American Women can't function properly in day to day life without consulting Oprah on every aspect of their lifestyle.

Oprah is a powerful force in America. The Establishment knows this. When Oprah gets into politics the dumbed down American housewife, who cannot think for herself, follows her. Oprah says vote for Obama, and the herd vote for Obama. Organised religion isn't the only mass herding of a powerful political force.

I could help notice the megalomania of her own self importance with every issue of her Magazine 'O' having the same women on the front cover. Yes, Oprah.

I had a look at some of the Oprah covers and the subject matter is the typical and tried and tested methods of dumbing down . i.e Create insecurities in your readership and then offer solutions to those insecurities that while promising to work never actually do so. You can keep feeding those insecurities and offering false solutions in a never ending cycle which not only dumbs the mind of the readership but drips them of their money.

The readership finds itself on a never ending treadmill looking for that magic cure for weight loss or the key to finding the perfect knight in shining armour. And even the magazine contains the same old solutions that have never worked before there's the possibility than next week's issue might just be the one that does it!!

What do you ladies think? Do you get pissed off at this continual dumbing down so you are encouraged to continually buy these products?


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