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Is Apple rotten to the core ?? BBC1 9pm

All about TV programmes whether you love them or hate them!

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crumbs wrote:Apple is a business, not a fucking charity. The whole point of Apple existing is to make as much money as possible.

Absolutely. They do a very good job.

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Stanley Tweedle wrote:
crumbs wrote:
Dolls wrote:
Stanley Tweedle wrote:
Dolls wrote:
Stanley Tweedle wrote:All crumbs friends have bigger cocks so he makes up for it by buying the newest apple product. :D

I ain't got aCock Stan :eek: :spank:
Bollocks I love my air! So fuck orf. :yippee: :pp:

You've certainly got balls though dolls :rofl:

Oh well best thing I ever bought is me Air.. :pp:

Dolls, don't listen to these fucking retards. They are full of shit. :D :D :D

One word, itunes :banghead:

That's what puts me off, you HAVE to have itunes :mad:

I got an iphone when they very first came out and it was too techy for me, plus you couldn't delete any music or anything off the phone, HAD to plug it in to a laptop or computer to do all this. If I want a portable device I want it to be just that!

Android is perfect and easy to work for me although I still have my old and battered ipod classic i'd be lost without as I CONSTANTLY use it for when i'm out and about and for my massage and fitness music, yes I need to plug it in to put music off and on it but it is only an ipod, nothing more so can live with that.

Plus it has 80gb memory and i've only used a fraction of that with all i've got, the newer ipods or phones I believe only go up to 32gb.

My android phone I can take the memory card out, get my pics and music off and on the laptop this way, and delete stuff off the actual phone. Also if my phone's broken everything's on my memory card where as with an iphone it would all be lost if I hadn't backed it up.

That's just my take anyway, Apple would be a last resort for me.

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