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What's the Right Diet for You? BBC2 starting 9 o'clock

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I may well watch this on iPlayer later. Though I could do with putting on weight rather than losing it. :)

Horizon Special
On: BBC 2 HD (102)
Date: Monday 12th January 2015 (starting in 11 minutes)
Time: 21:00 to 22:00 (1 hour long)

What's the Right Diet for You? Episode 1.
Three-part Horizon special which investigates the idea that the best way to lose weight successfully is a personalised approach, diets tailored to our individual biology and psychology. In a groundbreaking national experiment, Dr Chris van Tulleken and Professor Tanya Byron join a team of leading experts to put 75 overweight volunteers on diets designed to tackle the specific reasons why they eat too much. The volunteers are put through a series of tests at a residential clinic to understand how their genes, hormones and psychology influence their eating behaviour. They are then put on the diets the experts believe are best suited to them. Can science succeed where other diets have failed?
(Editor's Choice, Stereo, New Series, Widescreen, High Definition, Subtitles, Part 1, Audio Described, 4 Star)
Excerpt taken from DigiGuide - the world's best TV guide available from

Copyright (c) GipsyMedia Limited.

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BBC are starting to sound like on of those women's magazines :rofl:

The "news" channel has been on about diets and weight loss for days. They'll be featuring Kim Kardashian, and "Simon Cowell is straight, look at all his girlfriends!" stories next.

btw wasn't "Tanya Byron" broadcast as a child "expert". Now she's a Diet "Expert"

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