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BBC to lose 50% guaranteed in-house production ?

All about TV programmes whether you love them or hate them!

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Currently, 50 per cent of BBC programmes must be in-house productions, while 25 per cent must go to independent producers. The other 25 per cent is open to competitive bidding, with both BBC and independent production companies eligible to apply under a system known as the “window of creative competition”.

Whittingdale wants this to change. ... 02656.html

They'll become more like Channel 4 if this happens - they make no programmes themselves, just commission them.

I wonder where ITV and others will get their cameramen and producers from if they can't poach them from the BBC with higher pay offers? They'll end up having to train them up themselves. :eek4: :)

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This must not happen, IMO. Whittingdale is an arse. The BBC will lose its identity (such as it is) if this happens

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grimtales1 wrote:This must not happen, IMO. Whittingdale is an arse. The BBC will lose its identity (such as it is) if this happens

Welcome back from the coma Grims, the Graf Report was the beginning of the end, appointed by dozy Tess Jowell in 2003. Beeb content was diluted with 25% shite from external sources almost overnight.

The Shine Group (Murdoch) - part of Endemol are the most visible, but So Television, Cactus TV (Saturday Kitchen :roll: ) and Aspect TV are probably responsible for almost as much mind numbing crap combined.

Hat Trick, Baby Cow and Kudos tend to stay on the fringe of self-harming boredom with some useful content for the BBC, but the Gavn and Stacey Christmas special, down to one of them shows they need to be kept on a tight leash.

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the identity of the BBC is a propaganda machine

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