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The Raj At Table - David Burton

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The Raj At Table. - david Burton

I've had this book for some time, it's a good read about the cultural impact the British had on Indian food culture and dining mainly from the 19th century, it's sometimes very funny.

it's also got 60 odd Anglo-Indian recipes in it from the time. Names just slip off the tongue, but try asking for them at your local Indian, such as -

Dhobi Pie
Daal Baat
Tapp's Sauce
Groundnut Chop
Curry Powders and Pastes
Fish Moolee
Dhal Curry With Eggs
Egg Curry and Rice
Mooltan Curry (eggs)
Fish Curry with dried Mango
Poorege Fish Curry
Chilli Fry of Dried Bombloes
Samboll of Gole Fish
Coconut Prawn Curry
Country Captain
Kubab Fowl
Mrs Framjis Chicken Curry
Hussainee Curry
Shikarree Sauce
Jahl Fry (leftovers)
Beef Vinthaleaux (Vidaloo)

And on, and on. Recommended.


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