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The Wess'har Wars

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Karen Traviss - The Wess'har Wars.

I am not sure if anyone has read these yet, but they are one of the best collection of SCI FI books I have read. Karen Traviss used to serve in the Territorial Army as well as the Royal Navy Auxillary Service, and has a lot of experience writing in the form of military, police and authority officers, which is basically what the main character, Shan Frankland, is. She has written quite a few of the Wess'har books, which I have quoted the main story of CITY OF PEARL below, where it all begins. I recommend you read these books if you are into SCI FI novels, because they are well worth it. :thumb: :thumb:

The mission should have been an easy one – send eight scientists, six Royal Marines, and a disgraced anti–terrorism officer 25 light years from Earth to determine the status of the missing Constantine colony, take scientific samples and data from the potentially rich planet, and return to Earth to forthcoming professional and financial reward.

But what no–one knows is that Cavanaugh‘s Star is a territory disputed by three alien races – and the mission‘s landed right in the middle of the demilitarised zone. The reclusive religious human colony that has somehow miraculously survived isn‘t pleased to see them, either. And the planet has its own secrets, in the form of an enigmatic alien named Aras.

Nothing in her tough police training can prepare Shan Frankland for keeping the peace between alien and human or even human and human as the conflicts escalate into outright violence, especially once a disastrous accident finds her carrying the secret of Constantine‘s survival – one that will make her the most hunted human in four worlds.

She has six books in the series, one of which comes out in April;

City of Pearl
Crossing the Line
The World Before

All books are available on Amazon from here ... 836&sr=1-6

She has also written some Star Wars Books (mainly about the Mandalorians which are bloody excellent, as well as Clone Trooper arc troops in the prequel books). Check them out. :D


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