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Naughty Nooners

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As you may have gathered from glancing at the little info bit to the right I've recently bought myself a Kindle, of all things, and whilst perusing some of the free titles (although I'm not such a cheapskate as to have gone for entirely free during its short lifespan, I have thus far purchased a Kate Bush biography for the princely sum of £10.86 and a James Baldwin for a not inconsiderable £6.99 - quite enough 1-Clicking for one week, I'm sure you'll agree, although I have to confess I am currently getting tempted by Stefanie Powers - but that's another story :pp: ) I've been recommended a tantalising little series called Naughty Nooners, erotic fiction no less, with titles like Playing Hardball, Thrill of the Hunt, Not Just An Orgy (not that they ever are :D ) and Nocked For A Loop. Dostoyevsky these are not!

Just wondering if anyone's ever cum across them before and if they could fill me in on what they're like. :D ... rs&x=0&y=0

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I wouldn't, unless you can return them

Look as cheap as Kate Price ... re=related

You can get far better titilation reading online for free -

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