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The Writers Thread !

PostPosted: Tue Dec 30, 2008 5:27 pm
by Mike Strutter
I have just come back from seeing my shrink an we discussed things an I let it slip about my liking for writing ,I didnt tell her about my smutty stuff lol ,
anyway she said I should write more ...

There seems to many good writers here who are hiding their light under a bushel ,
I think we should all take it in turns scribbling down , short stories , poems , or even song lyrics lol

I have just got home and had a crack at a story , it would of been very easy of me to write a short erotic (Fithly) story but I have done this below ,
Please be honest an give helpful tips too each others work ..ok ;)

The blue car screeched to a shuddering halt on the secluded wooded road ,
Inside sat 18yo Magda,dumbfounded an in shock, she looked on wide eyed.. open mouthed ,
at the skinny white man stood shaking and sweating in front of the car bonnet ,

He was frantically waving his arms in a cross over motion for HELP ! ,
The man was screaming in terror at her she couldnt understand his English,
but it was plain to see he was scared he was beside her drivers door an ripped it open ,
he thrust his sweaty hot terrified face in the car, babbling away at her,
and then she saw what he was frantically pointing at ....

It was a dark angry hulk of a man coming sprinting out of the woods ,
This black man was a huge hulk of a man muscled and sweaty ,
her eyes were immediately drawn to his swaying arm what it was carrying ,

The big black man stopped running an raised it up pointing the handgun with both hands at the
He was screaming an wailing at them now...
The white guy was pushing her over onto the passenger seat and diving into the drivers side.
The windscreen exploded as the bullet shot through the car as Magda lay upside
down in the passenger well of the car her legs slewn on the car seat above ,she heard the engine

All she heard then was the boom di boom ..boom di boom of her frightened heartbeat in her head,
inbetween the banging adrenaline rush in her head she was thinking FUCK ...Fuck.. Fuck ..
Why the hell did I leave my village in Poland to work in the Fucking UK!

she was taken back to this terrifying situation as the car was driving fast away ,
then stopped with a sickening thud !

This big black man came bursting through the shattered windscreen ,spurting his bloody slashed
torn face an shoulders inside the car , he raised he arm into the car the white terrified man
was fighting him for the gun as this blackman was waving his gun around ,a shot fired an the
white man fell to his side yelping, screaming in agony,an leapt from the open door of the car
an crawled quickly away ..
Magda had to help now, she knew she would be next,she grabbed this evil black mans bloody
shreaded arm ,an was tearing at the gaping sinews an muscle ,the black man howled in pain an
crawled into the car an slapped her away ,he ignored her then crawled out of the drivers door
following the white guy.
As he knelt on his knees an raised the gun at the white guys head crawling away...
his finger gripped the trigger...He Shouted Something at him then ...
Thwack rang out ...
as the wheel brace smashed into the black mans head ,his head burst sideways as she kept
pounding it down from behind him ,the skin blood an brain was splattered around in sprays..
She repeatedly beat him til he stopped twitching an the arterial bleeding ceased,
he lay dead on the tarmac,

she walked over to the white guy , who lay on the grass verge ,moaning in pain ..
she went to the boot to get her nurses bag an started to wrap the flesh wound on his side,
an gave him an injection for the pain she knew he would be ok til they got to a hospital ,

as she knelt there helping him the sun came from behind the clouds,
something kept catching her eye ,a glint of sunlight ... as her eyes focused on it,
the scalpel sliced through her throat deeply drawn from ear to ear ,
as she gurgled her last frothy black bloody breath ,the Hellish truth dawned on her ..
she made out the black mans Police Hospital Security badge on his body,
White guy began whistling the nursery rhyme, Three lil Pigs ..
as he dragged the bodies too the roadside ditch,he smashed out the windscreen, started
the helpful nurses car ..
He thought it was best to get as far away from the High Security Hospital now quickly ..

anyway post your work now ..;)

The Writers Thread !

PostPosted: Tue Dec 30, 2008 7:04 pm
by Whirliegig
you just wrote it thiss afternoon after your appointment? (thats great Mike - you must be in a positive mood...)

Did you think it up today - or is it something thats been in your head a while but just written down - the writing process fascinates me, how people work , different creative approaches.

A great twist in the story -

The Writers Thread !

PostPosted: Tue Dec 30, 2008 7:09 pm
by Mike Strutter
I thought about it after driving home from the mental hospital

I didnt want it too drag an wanted a twist on the preconceptions we have with white guy= good ,an black guy= bad guys ..

Its not grammatical correct but the basics are there ,

I hope others here will post an share stuff ...;)

The Writers Thread !

PostPosted: Tue Dec 30, 2008 7:17 pm
by Whirliegig
Mike i hope so too - but Im not creative in that way

The Writers Thread !

PostPosted: Tue Dec 30, 2008 8:12 pm
by John lee Pettimore
Mike,well done. That had me transfixed all the way through. You could be the new Dean Koontz!!!!

I could write stories when i was at school,they got me my O level english,but seem to have lost the knack. I have a go at song lyrics nowadays.

But keep yours coming....look forward to your next scribings.

The Writers Thread !

PostPosted: Tue Dec 30, 2008 8:18 pm
by Whirliegig
Yeah, like you JLP, I used to write a good English essay - and always got good marks for my stories.

Somehow though Ive forgotten how to do it, and I dont really seem to have anything I want to say.

My GP suggested I write a blog actually - but Id need to have some interesting thoughts first.

The Writers Thread !

PostPosted: Tue Dec 30, 2008 8:25 pm
by True red
Mike great idea.

I used to love writing at school and loved stories and projects. Even now I love writing a good report (providing its something that interests me)

Here's a short one that I knocked up a few weeks ago and have submitted to a magazine.

Secret Liaison

As she slipped into the slinky black dress, with the split up the side she did feel quite good. She wondered how it would go tonight. It was only the second time they’d snuck off for a secret meeting. It was another half hour of doing her hair and make-up before she felt really good. Her hair was loose and wavy, the make-up subtle natural tones, except for the deep-red lipstick, that showed of her full lips. The look was finished with diamond studs, and a delicate dimonte style necklace. A quick sprits of perfume and she was ready. She put her black strapy shoes on in the hall and did up the diamond buckle. Then she grabbed her clutch handbag from the table. She said goodbye as she passed the lounge where he was slobbed out on the sofa, watching the football, he barely glanced away from the screen as he said goodbye.
After a short taxi-ride into town, she entered the pub, where they had arranged to meet. It was fairly quiet and gently lit with music playing in the background. She glanced around, but knew it was too early from him to be there yet. She ordered a white wine and sat at a table in the corner. While she waited she surveyed the pub, watching the people and taking it all in. There was an older gent in the far corner supping a pint of bitter. There was a newspaper folded in half on the table in front of him, more than likely on the sports page she thought to herself. A group of younger girls were tottering by the bar, dressed up ready for a night out. They were probably meeting here, ready to move on to somewhere busier, before going to a club. The other patrons were couples or in small groups, quietly chatting. She wondered what the evening would have in store them, did he have anything planned, or would it be a case of rushing back to tear each others clothes off. He arrived about half an hour later. Clean shaven and smelling fresh, as if he’d just stepped out of the shower. Her stomach somersaulted as she saw him walk in. He bought a pint of beer and joined her. He smiled softly and brushed her cheek. “You look stunning,” he told her. She blushed and felt like a teenager, “Thank you Rob,” she replied. “You look good too.” While they were chatting, she was nervously glancing around, worried, that they might be seen out like this. They had another drink and made small talk, discussing their work, television, the news and general chat. As he finished his second pint, he asked, “have you eaten? Would you like to go for dinner?”
“That would be nice,” she replied. “I can’t remember the last time I ate out.” He smiled at her. “Dinner out it is then.”, he leant across the table and stroked her cheek. They finished their drinks, and walked across town to a Thai restaurant. He’d heard it was good and knew she liked Thai food. She was pleased and flattered that he remembered, what she liked. At the restaurant, he ordered her a selection of starters, crispy duck and schezuan prawns, with fried rice, knowing this was her favourite. She was excited with the order, and pleased he remembered, what she liked. She didn’t get to eat prawns at home, as she was the only one who ate them. He kept topping her wine glass, and by the end of the meal she was feeling rather light headed. As he picked up the bill, she boldly suggested they go back for a night cap, and her suggestion indicated, there would be more than coffee on offer. It was an offer he couldn’t refuse. They hailed a cab, and got cosy in the back. After the short trip, they stumbled out of the taxi. As they approached her front door, she turned and gave him a deep kiss, as she pulled away, she told quietly told him, “best be quiet when we go in, Shane will probably be asleep on the sofa.” He nodded, and they took their shoes off outside the front door and quietly went in. The tipped-toed, past the lounge door, and sure enough, the faint sounds of snoring were drifting out of the lounge. She peered in and could make out the shape of Shane’s body lying on the sofa. They crept up the stairs, and into the bedroom. They made love endlessly for hours, and eventually drifted off to sleep in each others arms.
She was jolted awake by Shane entering the bedroom, she sat bolt upright as she heard his feet creaking the floor boards, Rob stirred next to her. “Oh hello Shane,” he said sleepily.
“What’s up boy?” she said stroking the dogs head, as he put his chin on the bed next to her. “Did we go out without you, you poor thing?” she said smiling. They may have been together for 8 years, but it was still fun to pretend to be dating each other, it certainly kept their romance alive, she thought to herself, as she snuggled into Rob’s shoulder.

The Writers Thread !

PostPosted: Tue Dec 30, 2008 8:26 pm
by littlelawchick
Oh now I know what you mean mike! :D

The Writers Thread !

PostPosted: Tue Dec 30, 2008 8:50 pm
by Mike Strutter
John lee Pettimore
Thanks for the kind words..check out this thread the shame..

I would love to hear your lyrics .... please .. :)


You should write stuff, you have a nack with words that I can see .. an I aint saying that to be kind flows from your posts .. ;)

True Red
I have read this before mate ..
I loved it then .. :thumb:
What did my head in is your story is the first 15mins of the New hollywood Film ..

Four Weddings .. :eek:

How Good is that .. :clap: :clap: :thumb:
an of course that was put into part of a Hollywood film ..
They stole your story mate

Keep up the good stuff .. mate :yippee:

Get yourself scribbling an get some stuff down here mate ..
it is very theraputic .. :)

The Writers Thread !

PostPosted: Thu Mar 26, 2009 10:51 am
by Stanley Tweedle
Great idea for a thread mike and your story is cool. Lets hear some erotica lol.

I really liked your story TR.
On my own at work so it was great for passing the time quickly...made sure not to read too quick. :)