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Monty Python to reunite on stage

PostPosted: Tue Nov 26, 2013 9:01 pm
by diablo
Dolls wrote:Dabs with python you either like em or you don't. Humour is weird what people find funny others find it shit. :shrug: I've always been a python fan,ever sice last of 1948 show which preceded python.

Maybe. :) Some friends I knew even bought the LP soundtracks of Monty Python - it was before VCRs of course. Then played them over and over and laughed themselves silly. Jeez, mainly slapstick type comedy without the visuals ? And over and over again.

Maybe the parrot sketch was slightly amusing at the time but I've heard excerpts from the fugging thing about 60 times since it was first broadcast - so why would I be amused again?

I can see why some music still sounds good after many repetitions but not poor jokes FFS. :D