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[Corrie 26-03-08] Roy and Becky are awkward!

A fly on the wall observing the fictional escapes of the soap world.

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Corrie Weds 26th march 2008 7:30pm

Roy and Becky are awkward!

Over at the café, things between Roy and Becky are awkward as they struggle to cope with the busy café while sharing a collection of ribbed butt plugs and love eggs. However, when Lloyd notices the tension he ribs Becky who confesses things are awkward because she walked on top of a naked Roy in the bathroom! As Lloyd howls with derisive laughter, poor Roy is mortified once again and his erection is lost for the second time this week. Will he ever get that unbridled sex with Becky and fondle her slab of Leerdammer as he has done so much in his bedside fantasies?

Later - as Roy screws a new lock onto the bathroom door, installs a moat containing hammerhead sharks and a shoal of piranhas - Becky explains that mistakes like that happen all the time when you share a place together and that Roy shouldn't mix piranhas and sharks. She suggests an electric fence would be a better move.. However, Roy doesn’t agree and insists that his original plan of unexploded cluster bomblets might be better in avoiding the inevitable meeting of their hot sweaty genitalia in a frenzied lust that would make Hayley implode with terror. Will they get used to each other’s habits? Or will they be given to a monastery of appreciative monks? Watch this space. or not.

Corrie Weds 26th march 2008 7:30pm
Meanwhile at number 5

At number 5 and a half, Fiz is finding it increasingly difficult living with Kirk and after berating him for coming into her room unannounced and finding her naked with a copy of Dalmatian Weekly, she can’t hide her frustration when he shows up at work and asks her what she wants for tea in front of all the factory girls! When she arrives home to find Kirk rifling through her underwear in an attempt to put her knickers on, she's horrified and heads over to the pub where she tells a really uninterested Maria that she has no choice but to tell him to piss off. Will Fiz have the heart to throw him out and how will Chesney react if she does? Will Schmiechal finally get that masters degree in Quantum Physics and help Stephen Hawking crack the mysteries of the big bang and Audrey's bra?

Corrie Weds 26th march 2008 7:30pm
Leanne's silly love octagon

After screwing 8 more sailors who were stranded on the Manchester Shit Canal, Leanne finally agrees to be determined to solve all her worries over the restaurant. She asks Dan to play it cool so as not to scupper her plans to seduce Paul into arson by setting fire to a muldy prawn cocktail at the restaurant. Dan's shocked that Leanne is serious and is worried about what he's started. however thoughts of their sexual encounter on Monday completely masks any of that and once again he agrees to anything

Meanwhile, Leanne immediately begins her flirtation with a delighted Paul - but she panics when she sees Dan in the pub and slaps him to make it seem as though he's hassling her. Will Leanne manage to hoodwink a smitten Paul? And could Ashley walk in on Jack finally getting off with Betty? More will be revealed.

Corrie Weds 26th march 2008 7:30pm
Audrey is troubled

There’s a frosty atmosphere between Audrey and David at the hospital and when he reveals that he will be taking care of Gail's discharge, Audrey’s really troubled. She claims it’s too much for David to handle, but when Gail makes it clear that she trusts David and wants to go home with him, Audrey has a hernia not wanting to upset Gail. Will Gail regain her memory once she's back in the house with David? Will David realise hsi prior mistake and this time murder her properly thus realising his life long dream of revenge for nearly being terminated. Watch someone else's space.

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