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[Corrie Spoiler - tonight] Platt banged (up)

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Friday 18th April 7:30 and a half PM.

Don't forget to Roy-Croppernation Street tonight. the nation's most hated and sinister soap Character David '666' platt is led away to dark dungeon. Yayyyyyyy!!

Gail his 'Mother In denial' quickly dons a fresh Tenalady™ as David Twat is led from the courtroom – her worst fear has become a reality. the son she never really wanted and has been haunting her for years is sentanced to a stint in a Young offenders prison.

When she returns home, Audrey attempts to distract her by stripping naked and singing Leona Lewis songs with smaller nose birthday cards but she's not in the mood to celebrate. However, she doesn't argue when her friends come round to wish her a happy birthday.

Meanwhile, in the young offenders' prison, David is introduced to his room-mate, Graeme. He doesn’t feel like making friends and uses his one phone call to ring Tina - who doesn't answer. Back at the house, Gail has been drowning her sparrows and as everyone sings Happy Birthday, she keeps one eye on the phone waiting for teh RSPCA to call. How will she get through this episode of Deal or No deal.


Jason finds his brain
Jason's Brain

Over on the building site, Jason is furious when he overhears Rick speaking about his girlfriend and daughter. "Why are you speaking about your girlfriend and daughter!?!" he shouts furiously. Moments later he finds his brain in a bag of cement, but forgets to remove the cement when reinserting it

Later, he breaks the news to a depressed Becky that Rick is virtually married with a kid. Rick turns up in the café only to be met by a furious Becky who pours a cold cup of tea over his head, punches him to the floor, breaks three of his legs and rams a cream cake in his already lacerated anus. Will Becky ever have any luck in love or will she eventually duff up the whole street and not end up bonking a confused Roy Cropper?

Michelle is upset

Michelle is upset for absolutely no reason whatsoever, although Brian ( who isn't' even in the soap ) thinks it's because her new Sandwich maker broke on it's first use. Norris is demoted. or was that demented? No it was definitely demoted. but we're not sure what for, or even if it's remotely possible.


Leanne is intrigued when Dan suggests she re-open the restaurant as a late-night bar and is secretly relieved when she runs the idea past Paul and he insists he’s not interested in going back into business with her. Does Paul have other plans other than a scruffy orthoganal view of an old Airfix kit he stole from Henry in the 4th form?

Kebab sales a promising career

Jerry makes Darryl sit through a formal interview for his old job while clutching a plastic Elvis. He eventually offers him the missionary position but claims that now he’s a ‘proper’ employee he expects him to be punctured and hard working.

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