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Liam's torn, Carla is Worn, Maria is Wet. No sandwich!

A fly on the wall observing the fictional escapes of the soap world.

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Corrie tonight at 7:30pm [12 May 2008 and a bit]

Liam and Maria continue in a tense silence after Maria asks if they can have another sandwich together. When Liam replies that he doesn't know, Maria announces that she is going to ring Fizzzzzzzzzz to see if she can suggest some fillings. Liam's idea of a decent sandwich got a bad reputation when his suggestion Chicken and Ice cream didn't go down too well in the Rover's during happy hour. Betty wasn't present as technicians were pumping her full of White platelets.

Spit Roast Please
Out on the Street, Liam desperately tries to persuade Maria that earwax and lager would make a great sandwich when Carla arrives and asks what's going on. Maria tells her that they have no sensible sandwich fillings and Carla successfully manages to hide her angel delight. Will she make a sandwich for Liam. Or even let him have a spit roast.

Surrounded by used tampons, Maria has a heart-to-heart with Fizzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Fizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz thinks maybe Liam is telling the truth, and that his feelings for bizarre sandwiches are in the past. Maria tells her that there was only one sandwich in the marriage and that was cheese and cheese.

Later, Carla is alone in her flat, and judging by the speed of her vibrator, she's forgotten about Jack Duckworth and Norris and is clearly thinking of Liam. As she paces herself and pours herself some wine, the buzzing continues.

Liam has shown up soaking wet from the rain wanting a decent sandwich. As they argue, Liam blames Maria for crap sandwiches. Carla strokes his bread and filling fetish, stating that she can make him those garlic, milk and tofu sandwiches he always dreamed about. And that on special occasions she' d make him a double decker beef curtain baguette with ice.

As he goes to leave, Maria calls him on the mobile and says she will make him that lemon curd and sausage sandwich he recently spoke off. Torn between the two sandwiches in his life, Liam has a decision to make.

Gail Sucks
Back at the Twatts, Gail Twatt is still in shock over her father's announcement that he is gay. Tina Twatt is busy asking lots of questions. Gail Twatt struggles with the correct vocabulary, even referring to Ted Twatt as being 'normal' when he was with Audrey Twatt and clumsily asking if she was the result of an alien abduction medical experiment. Later, when Audrey Twatt meets up with them and asks Ted Twatt if he wants to go for a drink in the Rovers, Gail Twatt can't resist dropping her guts and ponging the place out.

Elsewhere on the Street, Becky and Jason have their first row following Jason's refusal admit he has less than 2 brain cells. Also, Leanne lands herself a job behind the bar at the Rovers and is seen giving miserable Betty Turpin a carpet munch in the cellar. Or was that a Cellar munch on the carpet. None the less Norris was disgusted, but Deirdre wanted to join in.

Roy, following the demise of Hayley in an odd Plastic Moulding Accident, is sat at the bar impressing people on his knowledge of the mating habits of thirty two different species of Stoat.

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Well it looks like Lucky Liam has finally shagged the HOT Carla.!!

:thumb: :thumb: :thumb: :thumb:

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Liam's torn, Carla is Worn, Maria is Wet. No sandwich!

An excellent read :thumb:

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