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Emmerdale - One of the Kings is dead?

A fly on the wall observing the fictional escapes of the soap world.

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Emmerdale - One of the Kings is dead?

I have been keeping away from Emmerdale for a while. Something to do with acting I think. It was becoming increasingly difficult to find any.

But Ms Smeggy had it on the other day, and apart from seeing Marlon is still jumping around like a facially twitching gibbon I noticed there was some faux mourning over one the Kings.

What happened, did the idiot get a Darwin award by impaling himself on soemthing?

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Matthew King did a Nico Bellic from GTA4 and smashed through the windscreen of a van. Was quite awful considering he was so close to killing Carl. :oops:

Here's the clip of his death:

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