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Just how advanced are the kids on EastEnders?!?!?!

A fly on the wall observing the fictional escapes of the soap world.

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After the events of Friday's episode, I'm worried about the safety of the adults of Walford. In the space of three months we've had two 14 year-olds driving around in cars, and now we have a child who can't be much older than 8 plotting to murder an OAP! :eek:

What next? Is Peter going to snap and try to shoot Ian? Will Ben rebel and dance on top of Phil's head? Will baby Amy "do a Sean" and take Roxy for a ride in Charlie Slater's new cab?

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"The biscuits."

Max Branning and Sean Slater, winding each other up!

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Ah sort of Urban, Village of the Damned. I like it. :)

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