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[VIDEO] Israel's Secret Weapon

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I had no idea the BBC had ever been THIS candid, but in creating this documentary, - which portrays Israel in a rather more negative vein than is customary now, - the BBC clearly highlights the bias and censure that completely dominates what they currently broadcast as 'news'...

Israel's Secret Weapon

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Cool - I hsall put this on the list. :thumb:

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smeggypants wrote:Cool - I hsall put this on the list. :thumb:

funny I watched this a while ago (about 3 years )...what a wonderful old couple who chose to defend this whistle blower .... :thumb:

now the last 30 second blurb about the following programme was very interesting :chin: and as always I look at the name of the producer and look them up

Karen O'Conner if you think she did a great job .....look what she got slammed for :roll:

Flawed my arse ......she told and reported the truth .......BIG PHARMA TEST DRUGS IN POOR COUNTRIES AND ON CHILDREN ....end of . fucking bastards :stomp: and she got shut down by the media . this is how it works ............

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