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[Pat Condell] Free speech in Europe

Pat Condell - Master of Critical Religious Philosophical Wit

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[Pat Condell] Free speech in Europe

Pats here again. Bit monotone this one. He must be tired

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"Capitalism profits from War - Humanity profits from Peace."

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Pats a bit like the school teacher in Snoopy now .... :yawn: :thumbdown:

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Hmm, this was a dry one from ol' Pat. But I don't think he needs to worry about laws being on a religion's side. Religion is a bit like any other living thing, it lives and it dies of it's own accord. Much like Christianity is slowly on the wane, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism and all the other religions will all end up dying of their own accord without assistance from the law.

When a belief system is shown to not work or be shown up as BS - people stop believing in it. Take the old pantheon of the Greek, Roman and Norse gods. No-one truly believes in the likes of Odin and Thor - not outside Manowar. Anyone who does end up believing in them will simply be looked upon with a quiet sympathy.

Even the likes of Islam and Christianity will be looked upon as some quaint old religion like Paganism is today.

I guess what I wanted to say was the march of progression and time - aided by science and understanding will kill any religion naturally given enough time. All the law is doing, is trying it's damnedest to keep it alive. (And failing.)

If you aren't willing to stand behind your troops, feel free to stand in front of them.

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