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[Pat Condell] Violence is not the answer

Pat Condell - Master of Critical Religious Philosophical Wit

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[Pat Condell] Violence is not the answer

pat address the Norwegian Terrorist!

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"Capitalism profits from War - Humanity profits from Peace."

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Wow, Mr Condell is really pissed today - more so than normal. I guess he's learned that idiots don't just come in Muslim flavour. Personally, I think the guy who did the shootings (I refuse to even type his name as doing so just makes him infamous.) was nothing more than a nut.

I disagree with Mr Condell and I'll say that I think multiculturalism CAN work, it just requires a bit work in order to make it happen. All it requires is a little bit of respect and a few generations. There was a time when Irish, Scottish, Welsh and black people were all treated like shit and hated. Nowadays, no-one bats an eye.

Racial hatred and Xenophobia and the violence that comes with it is a cycular thing. One generation's bogeyman-nation will become the friendly neighbours of tomorrow. The Xenophobic will one day run out of human races to hate - but until that day comes - they are free to hate and continue to look like embittered lemons for doing so.

Keep condemning the violence, and keep multiculturalism and show the racists the error of their ways and the problem will eventually go away.

If you aren't willing to stand behind your troops, feel free to stand in front of them.

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